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Green page


·        First in neighbourhood garden!

·        Organic for 17 years (always)

·        We compost our compostable waste

·        Grow flowers,fruits, veggies & trees

·        Local artist made stone sculpture

·        Meet people because of beautiful garden

·        Enclosed veranda blocks heat, cold


·        Picnic table for guests

·        Fountain for relaxation


·        Skin products are locally manufactured

·        Natural oils in products

·        Real essential oils in products

·        Use both sides of paper, recycle scrap


·        We have 2 carbon filters on house water

o   Your shower water is cleaner

o   Your linens are cleaned in fresher water

·        All water reverse osmosis filtered on-site


·        Vegetarians produce less greenhouse gasses

·        Eating one pound of meat emits the same amount of greenhouse gasses as driving an SUV 40 miles (88 km)

·        Organic bread  is from a local bakery

·        We serve local melons in season

·        We slice butter little dishes no plastic

·        Ditto with the jelly (also fresher for you)


·        Vegetarian for our guests too!

·        We recycle; restored house not renovated

·        Ceiling fans in every room and halls

·        No air-conditioning!

·        Many recycled & reutized items

·        Original wood floors

·        Make our own window curtains

·        On site laundry

·        We shovel our driveway by hand

·        Restoring house, not renovating

·        Low volume flush toilets

·        Programmable thermostat

·        Weather stripping

·        Water aerator on faucets

·        Cloth wipes, not disposable

·        Clothes dryer is gas not hydro

·        Compact fluorescent bulbs for lighting

·        Energy Star appliances


·        No car (saving 10 tons CO2/year)

·        Car sharing (Vrtucar) produces less carbon

·        We walk

·        We bike

·        We bus

·        Cab company knows us by name

·        We encourage our guests to do the same


·        We aren’t entirely chemical free

·        BUT we are where we can be.


·        Oil heat to radiators Burns hotter, so use less

·        New furnace

·        Cleaner air

·        Furnace cleaned annually

·        Computer on furnace saves 15%

·        Seal windows with draft attack saves 15%

·        Heat reflectors behind radiator saves 15%

·        Insulated roof

·        Gas fireplaces


·        No aerosols for grooming (ugh)

·        Turn off water when brushing teeth (lived in the desert)

·        Reusable food containers

·        Reusable glass water bottles for our reverse osmosis water

·        Quick showers

·        Vegetarian food is heart healthy, therefore no costly medical problems

·       2Xs/year SWAP w/ veggie pot luck:  ladies bring unwanted things we eat, talk and take away a new wardrobe! The men & boys watch a movie and drink root beer floats on another floor.               

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